We design, build and maintain websites and webshops world wide.

We’re a digital bureau, who belives in transparentcy and honesty, where our main goal is to deliver complete and well-working solutions that both webzotic and our customers can be proud of. We will keep going until we’re happy and most importantly – untill you are happy.

Curriousity, goal and passion drives
us to do our very best.

We always want to do things better, and we dont settle for the “easy” way.
We do things the right way, even if it take more time.
We do our best to keep up-to-date with the forever changing digital technologies
so we can advise and implement best-practise solutions.


We know the digital world well – and the pains that comes with it.

We deliver flexible, futureproof code, that we or others can build upon later.

Years of experience
Before becomming webzotic, we worked at national TV and a leading advertising company…

We’re transparent
We will keep going till you’re happy, we believe transparency and communication is key to a successful end-result.

We do our best to be up-to-date with the digital technologies and to make sure your website is secure.

Affordable support
Bug fixes and friendly support are included for first 2 months – after we offer a great hourly rate.

Best practice
Beautiful responsive design, well-orginized code and search optimization (SEO) are standart technologies at webzotic.

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Let’s make something awesome together.