You can count on us in search engine optimisation (SEO) and advertising

Technical SEO

At webzotic we include a basic SEO for all the websites and webshops we make. You will get a sitemap which helps search engines discover your website and we help you create title and meta descriptions for your pages which are used to rank your page and displayed on the search engine result page (SERP)

Speed boost

A fast website or webshop gives a better user experience and ranks better on Google. If you already have a site check your pagespeed on Google PageSpeed Insights

If your speed score is below 50 you are loosing organic traffic. Our custom built websites and webshops have a 90+ page speed.

Facebook and Google Ads remarketing

At webzotic we can setup all the required code to create well targeted Facebook and Google Ads. This remarketing code allows you to track specific user interactions, like users putting products in the shopping cart or visiting specific pages. These actions can be used to tailor ads based on these actions. Wouldn’t it be nice to remind a user who left the shopping cart instead of wasting a lot money on manual targeting?

Google Shopping

Google Shopping campaigns let you to put your products on the top of the search page with a product image, name and a price. Maximize your conversion value and expand your reach with Shopping Ads, while you pay only if someone clicks on your product.

Google shopping requires a product feed added to your Google Merchant Center account. We can create this feed and help you set up the first shopping campaign.

Price comparison sites

Many people are using price comparison sites right before they purchase a product, so it makes sense to use them as a webshop owner. You usually only pay for the clicks, and your products are always visible. Price comparison sites need a product feed in XML format which we can generate automatically for your webshop, so you don’t have to manually update your stock or prices.

Tools to analyze your users behavior
on your website or webshop

Google Analytics is a free website analyzing tool that gives you insights on how people find and use your website or webshop. It can show you how they navigate, what device are they using, where do they leave your page. This data can help you improve your website and conversion rate. At webzotic we can set up Google Analytics on your website or webshop and we can help adjust pages according to the data insights.

Visual Analytics tools can be used to improve the user experience and conversion rate. It’s a fast and visual way to understand your users and see how people really interact with your page, including clicking and scrolling. User behavior is not always what we want it to be, which is why this data is important to make adjustments. With our help you can see what users do on your site.

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