Ecommerce website selling high-end flashlights for professionals and quality conscious customers. The webshop features some Hungarian adjustments like displaying last name first, some extra fields on the transfer page and the opportunity to pay “cash on delivery” with a small fee. When an item is out of stock, It is possible for the customers to click a “notify me” button, so they can receive an email when the item is back on stock.




Development and maintenance


November 2019

Custom specifications all through the webshop

From a table on the item, things like Lumen, bream throw and hours of runtime are defined and re-used all over the site, complete with icons on the item page.

Special “notify me” button

It happens, people fall in love with an item, that’s not on stock for various reasons. As frustrating as it might be, it’s good to know when the item will be back in stock.

A “notify me” button enables the webshop to reach out to potential customers whom have shown interest in an “out of stock” item – or even guiding them to a similar product.