A webshop enables you sell anything

But it should be safe and trustworthy too.

Your webshop needs to be visible and accessible. Without the right setup, your webshop won’t convert to its full potential. At Webzotic we can build webshops that are trustworthy, safe and good looking. A webshop can sell physical or digital products; like music files, software – it pretty much lets you sell anything, anywhere and anytime.

Expand your audience

A webshop is a great way to expand your current physical store – and go from local store to national or even international! We can implement your current brand to be present on the webshop, so people can recognize their favorite shop online. You can have a much better reach, as you are no longer limited by location and opening hours.

New to the game

We know getting started is never easy, but we can help you some of the way. Get a beautiful modern design reflecting your business, or maybe you just need the technical part of the webshop – no matter what, we’re here to help and we do it as standardized as possible so you can always bring the webshop to another developer if you wish. We can get you started and expand the webshop as it grows.

We develop our webshop solutions in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a webshop module to the popular CMS system WordPress. WooCommerce is well-known for its usability and flexibility when it comes to expanding functionalities and integrations.

WooCommerce currently powers 28% of all online stores, which makes it the number one ecommerce platform on the web. This means WooCommerce is not likely to go anywhere or will stop being supported – and it’s open source and free.

For you as the administrator, the webshop is easy to edit, navigate and manage. Out of the box this ecommerce has stock management, tax calculator and you can even set up different shipping methods. 

How we do webshops

We create beautiful webshop solutions, tailored to your needs and line of business. We offer everything from a basic setup to a fully custom webshop. At Webzotic we’re not restricted by page builders, plug-ins and themes, we are developers and can build and maintain unique webshops and custom functionalities. If you already have something in mind, let’s have a talk!


As a standard we build your webshop responsive, so it looks good on every device including desktop, tablet and mobile.

Webshop SEO

We offer SEO services for your webshop to rank higher on search result pages and drive more customers to your products.

Credit card payment

Next to bank transfer and cash on delivery you can accept payments by credit card, which makes the checkout simple.

Product variants

You can set different product variants of the same item, like a T-shirt with multiple color and size options.

Stock management

WooCommerce includes a stock management function which automaticaly updates on a purchase.

Store notification

With store notification banner you can note customers about free delivery or special discounts.

Out of stock notification

What if a product runs out of stock before we’re able to get it back on the shelves?
Instead of loosing a customer, they can request an email, when the product is back in stock.

Product filter

As your webshop grows customers can struggle finding the product they are looking for. A product filter can help your customers found the desired product by price, size, color or any custom attributes.

GDPR checkboxes

In order to be GDPR compliant with your webshop, on every page where you request personal data, you will need a checkbox where users can accept your terms and privacy policy.

As you grow, so does your webshop and the need for other functionalities
– we offer a great hourly rate to help you get where you need to be.

We believe in what we do is working 100%

Ready to get started with your new webshop?

We created a calculator, which will estimate a price for you. Keep in mind, that no project fits straight in a box, and the price may vary from the estimated price depending on how complicated your project might be.

You can always drop us a mail at hello@webzotic.com and tell us about your project and budget.